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Ontario is well know for its variety of fly in fishing lodges and outpost adventures. Offering the perfect challenge. The flawless cast. The ideal catch. Even the most magnificent spot in which to drop your line. In Ontario. we have more than 400,000 lakes, creeks, rivers and streams that make up 15 per cent of the world’s freshwater. These creeks, lakes and streams are full of the Canada's best and most wanted freshwater sport fish. Only Ontario fly-in lodges and resorts can offer you more freshwater fishing opportunities than anywhere else on the planet!

Ontario, Canada,  the place where muskie can hit at up to sixty five pounds (100 kg). There are more walleye (pickerel) than anywhere else in the world. More than eight million of them caught by anglers each and every year. And they come in sizes to suit everybody, from small ones for great eating up to an Ontario record 22.25 pounds. In Ontario, Northern Pike weighing more than 40 pounds have been landed after an stimulating fight. There are numerous quantities of Brook, Rainbow, Brown and Lake Trout including an Ontario record weight of over 63 pounds. Large mouth Bass, Small mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Coho and Chinook Salmon are all on the list of species you can target!

Not only does Ontario have the most varieties of freshwater fish in the world, we also have the most fly-in lodges and outposts to catch them. Ontario has the world’s largest number of fly in resorts and . Their variety suits every taste, every budget and accommodates every sportfishing experience.

Drop your line in lakes and rivers where fish have never seen a lure before. Enjoy the majesty of unspoiled wilderness all around you as you troll among towering pine trees that seem to reach the sky. Come fish where the only sound to break the quiet is the call of the loon. And the only waves on a lake’s mirror-like surface are made by you. Discover spots where peace and quite and excitement combine to give you the best fishing trip you’ve ever been on and it can be the one you’ve always dreamed of.

When you come to fish Ontario, one of our many seasoned fly in outfitters can equip you with everything from a few new lures and techniques to a complete remote fishing adventure vacation package. And every vacation package can be custom made to be exactly the kind of angling experience you want. Fishing is only one of the reasons to come to Ontario. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by a land of unparalleled beauty and variety rich with a plentiful display of wildlife.

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